France, 2015 December the 23th 

About the author :

Painting Mel Ramos
Laure Elisac is a French indie author. When not writing, reading, painting or listening to Tim Bentinck’s audiobooks, she works as a French teacher. She lives in France with William, her major source of inspiration, and has no children, except for the 250 pupils who sit in her classroom each year. 
Oh Lord!  is her second novel; she had also write a novella: La cerise sur le gateau - not yet translate into English, and she is preparing the launch of her third book in January 2016, which is the sequel to Oh Lord! Lawrence, Eve and Dante’s adventures continue! This too is not yet translated into English for the simple reason that she needs to finish writing it in French first!!!

She loves feedback, so if you liked this novel, don’t be shy and please leave a comment on Amazon, or contact her at laureelisac@gmail.com  

Discover more on her facebook page 

About the translator :

Tim Bentinck
Best known as the voice of David Archer in the BBC radio series, The Archers, Tim is also an accomplished stage, film, radio, and television actor. As his genius knows no end, he is also a top voice artist and dubbing specialist, an inventor, writer, travel journalist, computer programmer and musician…
If you ask me, my favorite is the ‘Mind The Gap’ he did for 15 years on the Piccadilly Line…so exotic! I was a hudge fan of his audiobooks, and I was so pleased to share this adventure with him…euh, sorry, this part is about him, not about me!!! He lives in London with his wife Judy, a leading hat designer and has two big sons. His own novel Colin the Campervan  was launched in March 2015.

 Discover more at Tim’s website
And his facebook page

Tim, working at the translation of Oh Lord

About the book : 

Celebrating New Year's Eve in a remote mansion in Kent, accompanied by gay friends  and a timorous student, Eve was afraid of being bored. But when the householder’s brother arrives unannounced… Oh, Lord! Boredom is the least of her problems!
Lawrence is posh and his sense of humour seemingly non-existent. Which is a good thing as Eve isn't stupid enough to have a crush on a man who thinks that she is the antichrist of good taste… or is she? After all he has the body of a Greek god!
Misunderstandings will show them that behind their lies, reality is very different from first appearances.
Will they agree to abandon their prejudices?

« Oh Lord! » is the second novel by Laure Elisac, it mixes humour, sex and romance - with an incomparable  French touch.

Buy "Oh Lord!" Ebook or Paperback on Amazon 

Copyright 2015 English version
Cover design: William Borowczak
Painting : © Laure Elisac All rights reserved

Translations from the french articles with a very creative langage. Sorry for all the mistakes, Tim can't always watch my back...



August 15, 2016


I sough a photo which match my joy! The ones of Alexis Salgues aka "Alex S" are generaly quite joyful, as you can see by yourself:

Copyright Alexis Salgues

But it's just an illustration, the purpose of this post is the readers of my books. Today, I had a wonderful surprise to discover a new review on  Amazon about OVER LORD (Oh Lord ! sequel, not yet in english, you can only read it in french for the moment)

OVER LORD Laure Elisac

The 5 stars review is anonymous, alas, but I quote it with great delight :

Still as good as always. Very good I must say! Truely, excellent. Bravo. It's mature, not sickly sweet. A true delight to read. I'm impatient to read the next."

Dear "Amazon client", one could think that it's nothing, just a short sentence, few words, but for a writer, words count, and sentences, short of long are savored in the same way.
So thank you to have taken time to express your pleasure. I read all the review on Amazon, and each time - more when they are good than when they are bitter of course-, I feel so much joy. After all, it's the only chance we have to exchange our role, as you become the writer and me the reader!
Dear reader, this afternoon, when I will work on "Good Lord", the third tome of "Oh Lord", I'll think of you, because even if writing is an intimate experience, knowing that we share the pleasure, makes it even better. 

Thank you again, and through you, thank you to all the readers - and please, you all, let a review on Amazon, or on this blog, or on facebook or tattooed on your lover's body, anywhere, I ADORE reading you, in case you haven't yet undertand!!!



August 15, 2016

August the 12, it was my friend Mahira Delanney 's birthday, I draw her an little card :
Drawing Laure Elisac
I take no merit for the draw, I simply calked the shape and I had fun to add volumes with my pencil and india ink.
Photo montage author unknonw

I wanted to allow her to blow a nice candle, despite the presence of her little daughter. 


August 12, 2016

Yesterday, I made a handmade card for my mother, as she is very fond of my cards. August 15 was the celebration of Marie the saint, and my mother was not a saint (hopefully for my father), but her name is Marie, so, this is her celebration. 

I start from those pictures: (sorry I don't find the credits for them)

It's been a long time that Chéri try to convert me to Photoshop, but for now, I'm still faster with a pair of scissors and markers. Besides, I can false 3D by  sticking the woman on a thick cardboard to give the impression she is out of the background. 

Tadam !

Assembly by Laure Elisac

Eventually, this morning, while I skanned the card, I play a little bit with the informatique tool. A little bit.

Variations from Laure Elisac

Variations from Laure Elisac

Variations from Laure Elisac

A serious crush for this last one:

Variations from Laure Elisac



August 12, 2016

The rest of  Chrystelle's travel to Prague. I don't know who have the greatest humour, her or Czech?

Prague Photo Chrystelle Arnaud

Prague - Photo Chrystelle Arnaud

There is also beautiful things like that:

Prague - Photo Chrystelle Arnaud

Prague- Photo Chrystelle Arnaud

Prague - Photo Chrystelle Arnaud

Don't ask me the name of this cake, it contain at leat 6 consonants for 1 vowel, as difficult to diggest than to pronounce.




August 4,  2016

After Florence and Venice, my dear friend Chrystelle dumped her suitcases in Prague. The country seems to have a great sense of humour.

Prague - Copyright Chrystelle Arnaud

Prague - Copyright Chrystelle Arnaud



July 26, 2016

My dear friend Chrystelle Arnaud walks in Venice; she took this photo just for me !
copyright Chrystelle Arnaud



Dimanche 10 juillet 2016

The source of war - Orlan

This photo of Orlan, "The source of war", which was made for the Courbet's painting "The source of world", inspire me the poetry of a hairy body. (We won't discuss here about the title "The source of war" which sound deceiving and so easy. Men = War, really? What about women who raised this men? If all the mothers of the planete educated their son whith a little bit of coherence, there will be less violence. But it's not the topic of the day.)
The source of the world - Gustabe Courbet

As I was born in the 70's, I can't believe that one day I'll have to ask men to not follow this mercantile fashion which want to eradicate the hair of the surface of the planete skin. Wasn't it enought that us, women, were the slave of fashionable Barbies bodies? Please, don't become as weak-minded as us.

The ideal woman from Matell

Have you forget that for several centuries, shaving hair was a matter of censuring erotism? Hair is the sign of a sexual mature body, and of course, sexe is dangerous! 

From human to doll - Alex-Sandwell-Kliszynski

From human to doll - Alex Sandwell Kliszynski. Sure that Barbie is not in grand danger here....

I will not dwell on a bristly backs or a fury chest, -even if it's probably the best place to lie down- and rather focusing on the delicious pubic bush.

Here are some reason why I love so much fur: sex is a blessing activity which need all our five sens, except that...

SIGHT: a sexe in flesh color, relying on a color flesh thigh, and bounded to a color flesh belly, it's called "tone on tone", and all painters know that if you want to show something you better use a contrast. The bristle frame draw attention to the shaft, and showcase the exquisite toy. If you add a trail from navel to south, then you just have to follow the BrailleGPS (Global Positioning for Sex).

Jacques Sultana

SMELL: remove hairiness is removing pheromones - you know, these subtile scents which make women wet and men hard - too bad! And it's not all, where would you find a perfume more intoxicated than in the crease of the groin or on the top of the pubic? Try it.

TOUCH: Do you know the difference between a play carpet and a mat? Diversity. Hair are good for fingers, but also for the tip of your nose and the curve of your butt, depend how you use it. However, you can't get bored with them.

This man want to show you his play carpet

TASTE: stay quiet, nobody ask you to eat them, but no smell, no taste! Deprive of its odorous tresure, skin become quite bland, indeed.

HEARING: breath create a music in the field of... I'm joking! OK hair don't produce sounds, but, if you rely on the above, you agree that thanks to them, some pleasure can cause vocals prowes.

Even Ken is happy to play with his mini hairy Ken

Deprived of its erotic fondement, the body makes up the lack of intensity by an hastiness. Then pornography joined gymnastics.
Lover of physical exercise, everyone has different taste, but for me, I prefer make love with my five sens. 

Love is in the hair...


Mercredi 15 juin 2016

Today during my live model session, we had two models, two beautiful men, two kind of beauty, one amazing moment of art.




Mercredi 1 juin 2016

what did I do today? I was here!

Salon de thé La Marquise Lyon France

 And yes, everything is as delicious as it looks :-)

For more photos, clic here.




  Jeudi 26 mai 2016

"The way we were", the movie who had actualy influence Lawrence, the character of Oh Lord, at last for the hair cut and beautiful hair!!!!
(I fell in love with Redfort at five, seing "The chase" from Arthur Pen. I cried for hours in pépé's arms - my loving grand-father-, because I couldn't understand why everybody were against a so beautiful creature.)

I also love soooooooooo much the song...Thanks for the person who make this beautiful clip.




Samedi 14 mai 2016 

Thanks to Olivier Cotte 's blog, I have discover and fall for a croatian painter: Robert Auer (1873-1952).

Robert Auer

He was born one century before me, as I as born in 1973, perhaps it's the reason why I love so much his work? Your turn to enjoy...

Robert Auer

Robert Auer

Robert Auer

Robert Auer

Robert Auer

Robert Auer

Robert Auer

Robert Auer

Robert Auer

Robert Auer

Robert Auer

Robert Auer

That's it for the paintings, he also realized erotics watercolor that I adore. There are exactly the kind of work I'm thinkink for my new projet of pornografic short stories illustrated.

Robert Auer

Robert Auer

Robert Auer

Robert Auer

Robert Auer

Robert Auer

Robert Auer




Mercredi 27 avril 2016

Over Lord - Laure Elisac

Here we go! Over Lord, my french new book is on line ! 
You can by it in numeric version here
And paperbook here
If you want to please me, let a review on Amazon, It's my turn to read your words...




Lundi 25 avril 2016

Waiting for Amazon to publish my work - Over Lord. French version - here's one of my darling that I love.



Vendredi 15 avril 2016

Drawing from Voutch "I won't be long, baby, I just take a note about an idea and I come to bed.". He is so whright! You can't imagine how many time my darling heard : "I just finish this sentence and I come!"
I'm finishing Over Lord's last corrections and I hope edite it next week, wenesday april the 22th 2016!

When I published "La cerise sur le gâteau" in french, I was proud to be abble to tell a story with actually a beginning, a middle and an end.
When I published "Oh Lord !" in french, I was proud to be abble to write a 300 pages book, with more than two caracters interacting with each others.
When I published "Oh Lord!" in english, I was so proud to be abble to translate my work - with Tim's hudge help - in my favorite langage.
When I published "La guinda del pastel " et "Oh Lord" in spanish, I was proud to have friends so wonderfull that they translate the books mainly for the fun.

Today, "Over Lord" in french makes me proud because of the style. I don't know if readers will be present, or interested, but I'm proud of this book, because it's a well writen novel.
It's my little pleasure ;-)



Lundi 28 Mars 2016

On the left, a piece of my holly computer, on the left, the cover of Over Lord who just has to wait for the book...
03:04 pm, I'm just starting to correct the last scene of Over Lord (french version)! After living 5 month with the software Antidote, correcting each word - yes, EACH word - I turn the page, as we say in french, and it's not just an expression when you are a writer !
Nontheless, don't be thrilled too quickly, Over Lord will not be on line tomorow, tuesday. It still remain a last reading in order to check the unity of style (I'm not sure this last sentence mean something in english! Tim, Helllllllllllp!)
I think that it will be ready for my birthday, april the 30th ;-)


Dimanche 20 mars 2016

Painting Janet Hill

It only remains for me 3 scenes to correct and the 300 pages of "Over Lord" are finished (finished in my language, means that I'll just have to reread again all the book to check that the style stands and track the last mistakes or missing words that have slipped through "Antidote" blessed software. Potentially, it also means that if the style is not good enough for my taste, I'll start over. no, I'm not kidding!!!!)

I've been on this correction for months now, and watching the end approaching is exciting, not to mention editing. I wonder if readers will be waiting for it. Amazon favors authors who agree to be exploited by their "Unlimited" trick-contract, which is not my case, and I do not know if the book will be visible enough that readers have notice of its existence. Many of unknown in this story, hence the excitement.

Painting Janet Hill



Samedi 19 mars 2016

PaintingJanet Hill

This painting  reflets pretty well my mood this morning. Except I have no cats. Or canopy bed. Neither  feathered robe, and I did not have breakfast in bed but in my lovely kitchen with my adorable Darling.

Ultimatly, this painting might as well do the trick:

PaintingJanet Hill

Except I'm not blond...



Mercredi 17 février 2016

Growing with big sister and brother passionnate about cinema, I learned to read with Première et Starfix, two cinéma's magazine. 

This culture gives me demanding taste and I'm more and more ralely satisfy by the contemporaries movies.

That's the reason why, when I found one, I want to share it !

The movie is a biopic about the destiny of the Blacklisted film-industry players in 1948 in USA. A perfect mix betwen entertaining, educational and subversive. 

The real Donald Trumbo

The movie is welcome in this period where occidental country accept to loose more and more liberty, allow the existence of Guantanamo and where, in France, young men are just shoot in the street because they are terror suspect, without investigation, trial or judgment.

But the richness of the film does not just come from his civic and political purpose, it also raises the issue of the integrity and the need to create when you're an artist. How far are we willing to go to practice? What are we willing to risk to keep our integrity? This men had to answer to this questions. The movie tell us how.

I feel concerned by these issues because in this capitalist world in which we joyfully engulfed in recent decades, artists are still  face these.

Blacklisted film-industry players in 1948

Mardi 16 février 2016

The new Mahira Delanney's novel is available in French ! The title is a joke as it means "A footbaler is summoned to testify" indeed "Barre" in french refers to the bar in a jury room, and "A footbaler got a boner" as "Barre" refers also to a hard shaft. This joke depict all Mahira's univers : Humor, creativity and eoritsme. 

The story is about a female lawyer who likes nothing like control, but she lost herself in one night with a stranger. A one night lover, except that she discover the day after that he is her new client...

If you want to read the book in french, click here : "Un footballeur à la barre", c'est ici.

Mahira is not just a french author, she is also a member of the collectif author "Les Cerises" named from my first novel "La cerise sur le gâteau" which means "The icing on the cake". We can translate it like that "The cherish on the cake". In France, we use cherish instead of icing on our cakes.

Original drawing by Liliane Fournier

We are four friends who share the love of writing and reading.
If you want to folow our actuality in french, you can go on our facebook page: click here: vous pouvez nous rejoindre sur notre page facebook, c'est ici :-)

Original drawing Liliane Fournier





Dimanche 7 Février 2016

Today I would like to share more photos from Elliot  Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt, autoportrait en Gabrielle d'Estrée et sa soeur.

I love particularly his sense of humor and poetry:

About art and the one who watch it :

Elliott Erwitt -Au Louvre

Elliott Erwitt - Acropolis

Elliott Erwitt - Musée du Prado

My favorite:
Elliott Erwitt - Atelier de peinture



  About life and human being:


Elliott Erwitt
Elliott Erwitt

Definitely my favorite:

Elliott Erwitt


Lundi 1er janvier 2016

This photo from Elliott Erwitt seems so simple...

Elliott Erwitt copyright

What I see in this familly of clones in suits or ghost in white dresses (one of the girls simply disappears behind the boy), is that it can't have winner in this machismo factory of ordinary life. Neither the boy who forces himself to laugh with arrogance to satisfy the pride (and thus lack Father insurance) nor girls already submitted and modeled on the mother, relegated to the background. Here no niqab or circumcision (at least not apparent), just human being stuck in a scheme reproduced from father to son, from mother to daughter, from father to daughter and from mother to son. All accomplices, all victims.


Samedi 23 janvier 2016


I already wrote an article about that, but I'm still found of it. Tim Bentick is a very accomplished artist, and he does a lot of arts when he is not translating "Oh Lord" in english, but of all his works, my favorite is this one because it's such of fun!



Vendredi 1er janvier 2016

There are two things I especially like: mansions and stark naked men. Looks like Jean Louis Gaillemin shares the same opinion ...




Lyon, le 24 décembre 2015

"Readers very happy to discover 'Oh Lord' trilogie". Motage by Laure Elisac

Good news for the french readers, the 'Oh Lord!' sequel is finished, and while sending the manuscript to my beta readers I realized that I wrote a 600 pages novel, so it could be separate in two and 'Oh Lord!" will become a trilogie.
 The second volume's title will be "Over Lord", and the third will be...a surprise.

I could edite 'Over Lord' now, but I enjoy rewrite it a last time, so I hope the french readers who had wait so long to read this sequel will be patient for another few weeks...

(An extract in french is available in the "A venir" part of the blog.)



Lyon, le 23 décembre 2015

Carte postale vintage - Ecole des Beaux Arts.

Those who have read "Oh Lord!" know how much I love Art class...
Mine below, which inspired me for Dante's art class. 


Lyon, le 19 décembre 2015

Last night, while I was crying on pirate sites delivering my "babies" for free to consumer-readers who doesn't give a fuck of the author (ouch for the ego), I discovered that 'Oh Lord!' was quoted in the online dictionary 'Wiktionnaire' -the french version of 'Wiktionary'.
It turns out that this is my favorite dictionary because it is clear and it still gives words' etymology - my guilty pleasure. See my work associated with it filled me with joy and gave me comfort.
I do not know who wrote these articles, but I told him thank you :-)

The entries are Pliage, Origami and Cocotte, my three new favorite words.




Lyon, le 10 décembre 2015

Dante has found Eve's skeches from the time she worked to the Royal Academy, how lucky ! - Dante and Eve are "Oh Lord!" caracters, but of course you already know that...!!!

In reality the model's name is Chantal, and I'm the humble artist, but it could be real! 


Lyon, le 1er décembre 2015

What about woman ?

Each time I look for paintings celebrating male beauty on Pinterest, I ended in the "homo art" category!
I'm wondering what women painters paint? Landscape ? Family scenes with cute kids?
And, what about women who enjoy art? What does she look? Landscapes ? Family scenes with cute kids?

Nevertheless, I found the Paul Cadmus, male and gay, of course, which has a sensibility close to mine.


Lyon, le 21 novembre 2015

Over Lord in french will be ready in January 2016.
Here my last cartoons, as always translate in english by Tim Bentinck.

Lyon, le 17 novembre 2015

Below, find two caricatures in french and in english, I made last days.

The scenario is not mine, Rael asks to change the original :

The next is a personnal creation, with a translation from Tim Bentinck :


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